Expanded Church Response

mission, vision, and core values


Transformed lives and communities through an empowered compassionate Church


To empower the Church in Christ’s Love, Character, and Wisdom in Zambia and beyond to facilitate a comprehensive and coordinated development response thereby contributing to the physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness of individuals, families, and communities

Core Values

  • Inclusiveness, equal opportunities and diversity
    • We are committed not to engage in any exploitative, abusive or corrupt relationships. All people are equal regardless of their (dis)ability, HIV status, gender, sex, race, ethnicity, nationality, religious/political affiliation, marital statues, age, etc. and hence shall be treated fairly and with respect and dignity
  • Right to development
    • We believe all individuals, families and communities in Zambia and beyond have the right to development
  • Pro-poor agenda
    • We believe in preferential option for the poor wherever they are in Zambia and beyond
  • Solidarity with the poor and oppressed
    • We will strive to empathize with the oppressed and face the challenges in oneness
  • Right to participate
    • We believe that the citizens, people in the communities, as rights holders, have the right to participate directly and influence their own decisions in various structures of development
  • Right to Education
    • We believe that all individuals, families, and communities in Zambia and beyond have the right to access quality lifelong education
  • Teamwork and Collaborative efforts
    • We believe in team work and aim to contribute to more comprehensive coordinated effective and efficient Church developed response
  • Ownership
    • Collective action and responsibility at various levels in the communities is the cornerstone of the work of ECR and enhances sustainability
  • Good Governance
    • We endeavor to be transparent and accountable in the advancement of our organizational mandate
  • Professionalism
    • We will uphold ethics, honesty, trustworthy respect for humanity and efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of our mandate
  • People
    • are our most important resource
  • Partnership
    • We believe in a partnership based on our mandate (Biblical Principles), integrity, accountability, mutuality of interest, respect and trust
  • Robustness, Innovativeness and Creativity
    • Our organization is dynamic, action-oriented, and fosters innovation, creative and comprehensive coordinated development response

contact us

Expanded Church Response
House No. 3 Lagos Rd
Rhodes Park
P.O. Box 34691
Lusaka, Zambia
Telephone: +260 211 233 040
Mobile Phone: +260 977 771 076
Email: info@ecrtrust.org