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In Zambia, 80% of the population lives on less than $2 a day.  The majority of the country relies on small scale farming and gardening to provide food for their households.  What little is left, they then sell in the local market to generate a small income to meet their daily needs.  This type of life is often very dependent on external factors – good rainfall, quality farming inputs including seeds and fertilizer, and a stable market to sell the excess produce.  Such dependence leaves many families vulnerable, like Dorothy and her friends in Mufulira.

Dorothy joined a Community Savings Group in her rural community this past year.  Before joining the group, life was very difficult.  Taking care of her three children was a daily challenge – finding food, paying school fees, meeting household needs.  When Dorothy joined the Community Savings Group, she learned many new things.  She began to save a small portion of her income each week with her group.  From their savings, Dorothy and her friend planted a 2 acre garden with many different vegetables.  Because good rain only comes once a year in Zambia, they dug wells near the edge of the garden to collect water.  Each day, they work in their garden from sunrise until sunset.  They water the 2 acres with a single watering can.

Although the garden requires much work each day, Dorothy is so grateful for how it has changed her life.  She is able to feed and clothe her children.  She has bought new blankets for her house for the cold season.  Just in this one year, Dorothy can see how much her life has changed.  Dorothy is just one of millions in Zambia that rely on gardens to feed and care for themselves and their family.  ECR is empowering these households by developing Community Savings Groups to allow families to access credit which they can invest in their gardens; by training individuals on quality farming and food processing techniques; and by linking farmers to strategic inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, and treadle pumps.

ECR is not just increasing incomes for those living below the poverty line.  We are planting seeds of hope that are transforming lives and leaving a sustainable impact on communities.

Join us as we reach out to many more families like Dorothy’s!

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