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Building a Future with Education

While walking through the streets of Ngombe Compound one day, Esther began to notice many children who weren’t in school. Asking her neighbors the reason for this, she was told that they didn’t have enough money to pay school fees or buy uniforms and books. With a burdened heart, Esther appealed to her church to help meet this need. From her servant heart, the Needs Care Day Center was developed to serve the vulnerable children in the area. Volunteer teachers give their time to teach over 600 students each day from their church. 88 Community Caregivers provide home-based care and support to the children by making monthly visits to vulnerable households where these children live. The Needs Care ministry has touched countless lives with the love of Christ, including Fidel and Winfridah.

ECR has supported Needs Care Day Center for several years through material support, grants, and skills trainings. Needs Care staff have learned how to effectively manage a community development program with transparent and accountable financial and programmatic practices. Caregivers have received training in home-based care, including HIV counseling and testing, psychosocial support, and identifying children in need, among many other things. Needs Care is just one of numerous Community Schools maintained by ECR’s local partners that is giving a new future to children who once had none.

Join us in supporting Needs Care Day Center and many other local partners as they share a transforming hope with their communities.

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