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Needs Care Day Centre has been serving orphans and vulnerable children and HIV patients in the Ngombe compound of Lusaka for nearly 10 years.  Esther’s vision began with seeing needy children on the streets who were unable to pay for school.   Her solution was to open a school where there were no fees.

We thought, ‘Why don’t we start up a school for the children?’  We thought it was an easy task.  Little did we realize what was involved in education.”

Running a school without any resources proved to be a very difficult task.  The need was clear and the children were eager to learn, but they needed books, pens, and food each day.   The volunteer teachers needed trainings, educational materials, and stipends to help support their work.   Oftentimes passion dwindles when the skills and resources aren’t available to support the dream.  The Needs Care Day Centre, however, never gave up.

In partnership with ECR, the school began to receive the resources and trainings they needed to provide a quality education for these children.  But educating the children alone is not enough to transform the Ngombe community.  ECR also began to empower the households and the community to support themselves through the economic development programs.  These programs involve teaching people how to save, develop strategic business ideas, and invest their savings in to their businesses in order to increase their profit.  Through this simple method of saving just $1 a week, families are experiencing radical changes in their lives.

With these new skills, the Needs Care Day Centre established a local tailoring shop in their community.  From this shop, the Caregivers are trained in certain skills.  They learn to sew, knit, and make jewelry.  The sales from the shop provide an income for the workers, but they also support Needs Care Day Centre’s programs.  Through their initiative, the Needs Care Day Centre is becoming self-sustaining and less dependent on outside resources.  This model of sustainable transformation isn’t just happening at Needs Care.  All of ECR’s local partners are learning how to empower their communities and their own organizations to continue providing the services that are changing lives.

 Join us in building sustainable livelihoods that are transforming homes, communities, and organizations.

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