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We’ve got goats!! These past few weeks, ECR staff has been working hard to implement another successful goat project in the Chongwe villages outside of Lusaka. Our hope is that this will not be a just one-time project here, but rather, it will keep sustaining people long after we are gone.

Last week, we went around to a group of villages just outside of Lusaka in Chongwe, and we found people getting ready to receive their goats. A group of our caregivers at Antioch ministries helped us come up with a list of children who would truly benefit from receiving goats.  This select group was then trained on how to take care of the goats including how to build a goat shelter, which increases the safety and security of the goats, especially at night.

“Our hope is that this will not be a just one-time project, but rather, it will keep sustaining people long after we are gone.”


Esther and her family gathered the materials in the background in order to build a shelter for her goats.  She has just two years left until she can graduate from grade 12, and her hope is that the goat project can generate enough income so that she can finish up her school and maybe even go to college after that!

IMG_0532Here is one of the goat shelters we visited that was near completion.  Each shelter takes about a week to complete, and people in the community all worked together to help the beneficiary families build a structure for their goats.

IMG_0639Dorica and Gift were one of the first families to receive their goats last week!

Each beneficiary and their family went out and found all the goats locally for us to buy. The process was so much fun, and it was so exciting to know that something as small as a goat can make such a big difference for people in these villages.  Not only can they raise and breed the goats to generate income, but they can also improve household nutrition that is very vital to the challenges many of the beneficiaries and their guardians face.

Though our caregivers targeted about 150 children to receive these goats, each family also chose a secondary beneficiary that will also receive three goats after the first beneficiary is able to increase their number of goats and pass on three more to help another family. So, this project has the potential to help almost 300 children just in this community through about 900 goats! We would love your continued support to help us impact more families like these.  Thank you for making what we do possible!

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