Expanded Church Response

Program Areas

Saving Lives. Educating the Mind. Transforming Belief and Behavior.

ECR builds the capacity of local churches and faith-based organizations to transform their communities through sustainable community development projects.  Just as individuals, churches, and communities vary from place to place, so do the development projects. Local churches identify the needs in their communities and the skills in their congregations, and then set the vision for change.  ECR comes in to build the capacity of these groups and individuals to implement strategic and sustainable change in the following three program areas – Saving Lives, Educating the Mind, and Transforming Belief and Behavior.

Saving Lives

Saving Lives addresses the many dimensions of physical needs which impact lives and often cut them short– including hunger, poor health, poverty, and unclean water.  One of the primary activities within this program area is to train and mentor Community Caregivers who provide a number of services to their communities. These Caregivers volunteer each week to make home visits to vulnerable households in the community.  Through these visits, the Caregivers are able to identify needs, link the households to available services, and provide spiritual and emotional counseling.  Caregiver services often include basic medical care and support, counseling and testing for HIV, food and nutrition support, care and support for orphans and vulnerable children, raising awareness on key social issues, and providing social and spiritual support, among many other things. ECR has trained over 3,000 Community Caregivers who minister to thousands more.  Read Winfridah’s story about how a local Caregiver saved her life.

Educating the Mind

Educating the Mind addresses the traditional educational systems for children and youth, as well as providing trainings for adults in literacy, healthcare, economic development, and the role of churches in community development. Through education, lives are being transformed each day.  ECR supports numerous churches that have established community schools where vulnerable children are able to attend without paying fees.  ECR is also teaching adults how to take care of their families through improved health and economic opportunities.  Many churches and faith-based organizations are now developing Community Savings Groups. Through these groups, individuals meet weekly to contribute a savings to the group.   The group is then able to make loans to the members.  Through these loans, individuals are building and growing businesses that are changing their lives, their families, and their communities.  Read more about how ECR’s Education programs are changing lives: Fidel, Rachel , and Margret’s stories.

Transforming Belief and Behavior

Transforming Belief and Behavior is a vital component to see lasting change in communities.  This includes challenging harmful cultural practices, building the confidence and self-worth of the hopeless, and ultimately transforming individuals and churches through Biblical truths.  An essential component of each of ECR’s training is to help individuals recognize their value and potential.  By recognizing their potential, individuals are able to help themselves and their communities transform.  Throughout many different communities in the country, pastors and churches are uniting to transform belief and behavior in their communities.


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