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Stories of Change

A Servant’s Heart

Balm of Gilead

Over 10 years ago, Rachel began visiting a nearby compound on the outskirts of Lusaka with members from her church to help share the Good News of Jesus.  While spending time there, she realized that the community needed more than just spiritual transformation.  They needed physical transformation for their lives as well.  Rachel began to see many orphans and vulnerable children that had no opportunity for education.  Moved by their situation, Rachel and her church set out to start a Community School in the area.  From a simple vision placed in her heart over 10 years ago, Balm of Gilead Ministry has now become a place of hope transforming lives and its community.

Expanded Church Response has been supporting Rachel and Balm of Gilead for several years through grants and material support, and empowering staff and caregivers through vital trainings to improve their service delivery and program management skills.


Building a Future with Education

Needs Care Day Center

While walking through the streets of Ngombe Compound one day, Esther began to notice many children who weren’t in school. Asking her neighbors the reason for this, she was told that they didn’t have enough money to pay school fees or buy uniforms and books. With a burdened heart, Esther appealed to her church to help meet this need. From her servant heart, the Needs Care Day Center was developed to serve the vulnerable children in the area. Volunteer teachers give their time to teach over 600 students each day from their church. 88 Community Caregivers provide home-based care and support to the children by making monthly visits to vulnerable households where these children live. The Needs Care ministry has touched countless lives with the love of Christ, including Fidel and Winfridah.


Getting and Giving Back

Becoming a Caregiver

Winfridah is a Community Caregiver with the Needs Care Day Center of the Ngombe compound.  However, just a few years ago, Winfridah’s story was very different.  A bedridden widow with four children, Winfridah had little hope for the future.  She was unable to take care of her children or her household and felt the stigma and shame of her community.  The Community Caregivers from Needs Care Day Center, however, saw her in need and reached out to her.  Trained in basic care and support, they began to visit her each week helping her with household chores and providing emotional and spiritual support.  They encouraged Winfridah to get tested for HIV.  After knowing her positive status, they linked her to the free antiretroviral treatment at the local clinic.

Over time, Winfridah regained her strength and her health.  She was soon strong enough to care for her children again.  Recognizing how her fellow neighbors had changed her life, Winfridah desired to become a Caregiver as well.


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