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Much of the developing world is faced with overwhelming challenges – hunger, poverty, disease, illiteracy – and these complexly interrelated challenges reduce the quality of life for billions of people around the world.

  • Half of the world’s population, three billion people, live on less than $2 a day.
  • Approximately 9.2 million children under the age of 5 die each year, mostly from preventable diseases.
  • 2.5 billion people around the world do not have access to adequate sanitation and 885 million people do not have access to clean water.

These statistics are staggering.  However, they are more than just numbers.  Each statistic represents a person – a life greatly affected by these issues.

Within the developing world, sub-Saharan Africa carries much of the weight of these challenges.

  • This region has the highest proportion of people living in poverty in the world, with 388 million (51%) living on less than $1.25 each day.
  • 32 million children of primary school age in sub-Saharan Africa are not in school – 45% of the global total.
  • Two thirds of all HIV positive adults and 9 of every 10 HIV positive children live in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Over 300 million people in sub-Saharan Africa – 40% of the total population lack access to safe drinking water.

Along with poverty, HIV, and unclean water, this region suffers from food insecurity, diseases such as TB and malaria, poor sanitation, poor healthcare and education systems, and a lack of infrastructure.

Despite the many challenges they face on a daily basis, sub-Saharan Africa is abounding with warm and capable people ready to see change.  Expanded Church Response is working with local churches throughout Africa to implement community-based development programs to eradicate the issues their communities face.  With abounding human capacity, skills and passions and trusted as a long-standing institution, the local church is a powerful force to enact change.  Currently, ECR is working with over 150 local churches and faith-based organizations throughout Zambia.  These local churches and FBOs represent different denominations and minister to various communities and populations in five of the ten provinces in Zambia.  ECR is also expanding operations to surrounding countries, including the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa.

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